probiotics side effects for everyone

Probiotics Side Effects Guide – Benefits, Pills, Supplements

Probiotics Side Effects Guide – Benefits, Pills, Supplements

Probiotics are an amazing tool to increase the health of your gut. There are probiotics side effects to discuss and understand. Your gut health is an amazing tool you can use to make your health to flourish.

Awareness of side effects that probiotic supplements can have on the body is just part of gut health maintenance. We then address side effects, understand severity and stop treatment if necessary.

And yes, stopping probiotics may be the solution. Not everything works for everyone. So here’s a comprehensive list of probiotics side effects. If you experience any of the negative ones, get with your health professional immediately.

Positive Probiotics Side Effects List

positive probiotics side effects

  • Increased Energy – your gut has a huge connection to your mind, which is where most energy comes from. With your gut in healthy form it can handle waste disposal more effectively. The gut will also be able to process the most nutrients from your foods as possible. Giving you more energy all around and less foul things for your body to combat.
  • Better Bowel Movements – with a healthy gut flora mix you get and ease of stool passage. Which is great because that should be easy, energizing and pleasant. With the help of good gut bacteria, you’ll be pooping like a champ!
  • More Robust Gut Microbiome Mix – with the repopulation of your gut bacteria with the healthy stuff, you’re body will thank you. You’ll also be able to fight off illness easier, be more mentally clear, and acute. This clearness and awake feeling will resonate throughout your life.
  • Stopping Diarrhea – especially infectious diarrhea and diarrhea associated with antibiotic usage.
  • Reduce Gut Bacteria Destruction From Antibiotics – when taking probiotics while taking antibiotics, you stand a greater chance of having less of a gut imbalance when the course of antibiotics is complete. Some people are on indefinite dosages and should seek separate medical opinions and advice. Seek natural remedies depending on the illness and severity.
  • Potential Weight Loss – There have been some semi reliable studies that state a reduction in abdominal fat compared to a control group. Weight loss is a common marketing tactic with probiotics. Losing weight will come from the increased energy and what you do with it, meaning exercise.
  • Stronger Immune System – increasing the “good” gut bacteria to keep bad gut bacteria in check should boost immune system function. The bacteria in your colon and the immune system are closely connected. Probiotics have been linked to enhanced immune responses.
  • Oral Health Benefits – prevention and treatment of cavities, periodontal diseases, halitosis, and other oral diseases. According to Quintessence International in 2015, there needs to be more study conducted.
  • Reducing Blood Pressure – according to a study published in Hypertension, 2014, there was the greatest reductions in people whose blood pressure was already elevated.
  • Miscellaneousalleviate skin conditions like eczema, treat ulcers and urinary tract infections, improve vaginal health, ease anxiety and depression and ward off traveler’s diarrhea.

The positive side effects of probiotics seem pretty amazing. We would call these benefits as well. And you and both know that over time these benefits will greatly impact our lives. They are dependent on the person, their body and gut make up along with their diet and physical lifestyle habits.

But some of these positive probiotics side effects are attainable for all of us. You and me both.

On the flip side, it can take a while to overcome the effects of having an out of balance gut microbiome. These positive side effects can take many months or years to experience. Or they may never be attainable without serious changes to our lifestyles.

The Power Of The Gut

the gut and probiotics side effects

The gut can handle a lot and be out of whack for years without intervention being absolutely necessary. We just soldier on, having spats of suffering and think it’s just because of what we ate.

The discomfort increases because of diet, but the issue is that you have an alkaline colon. A colon in need of repopulation with good gut bacteria that can take time.

Unfortunately many people take probiotics and experience side effects right away. They experience something on the list below and the side effects are enough for them to stop the regimen.

And they stop before the good bugs can win and the colon goes back into healthy mode. All the while the symptoms of probiotics side effects in the negative are all they experience. And it keeps them from winning and healing their guts completely.

Negative Probiotics Side Effects List

negative probiotics side effects

  • Infections – overindulgence can lead to overpopulation, which can call for antibiotic treatments. Do not go overboard!
  • ***Gas/Bloating/Cramps – depends on the person and strain, use what works best
  • Diarrhea – things going through you too quick, abdominal pain from excessive stool passage
  • Rashes and/or Acne – From your body detoxing and flushing toxins from within
  • Headaches – Usually when you first start probiotics, and then adjust the dosage down. Get into the sweet spot for the best outcome
  • Not Enough – Less than 1 billion bacteria per gram is not enough for therapeutic effects. Some pills just are not strong enough. Buy potent products per gram
  • Negative Immune System Responses – Probiotics have been reported to lead to unhealthy metabolic activities. Ie. excessive immune system stimulation; gene transfer (insertion of genetic material into a cell); fungal infections when the immune system is impaired in the patient
  • Complications with Underlying Diseases – intestinal infection, fever, skin rash, bloody stools etc. If you have an underlying disease be open and thorough with your doctor before starting probiotics.
  • Allergic Reaction – Rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; dizziness; swelling of the tongue, lips, face, or mouth; tightness in the chest. Some of us are allergic to certain ingredients in probiotics. Be aware of these in yourself and avoid any substances to which you’re allergic. Dairy proteins is a good example.
  • Interactions With Other Medicines – Currently there are no known negative interactions with other medicines. This is something to keep in mind and discuss with your Doctor.

Pregnant women should not use them, nor should they be introduced to infants or young children. Premature infants should never ever receive probiotics.


So the list of probiotics side effects is somewhat long. And it can be a bit intimidating if you take into account all that can happen. This list is really ALL that can happen.

In compiling this list, I want you to be aware of all is part of taking probiotics. And now I want to go ahead and show you how to prevent these types of things. Prevent them, so that you can use probiotics to your advantage and for great gut health!

That’s what this is all about. Having a healthy, powerful and capable gut that keeps you healthy, gives you energy, longevity and power. Among many other things of course like great immunities and disease fighting capabilities.

Really I want you to enjoy an amazing life via a strong healthy gut!

How To Prevent Negative Probiotics Side Effects

all the choices with probiotics and their side effects

Preventing issues from using probiotics can be quite simple for most people. With guidance, common sense and some strong medical advice, you’ll avoid almost everything bad about probiotics.

Prevention Steps for Probiotics Side Effects:

  • Start With A Lower Dose

Go for a lower dosage than recommended, especially if self administering. If the Doctor says to take a certain amount, then take it. But if you’re trying on your own, then go lower and move up.

You will avoid most of the gas, bloating, cramps and loose stools that can come with probiotic use. Also probiotics found in many foods could already be in your diet.

If you are getting these already and then double, triple or 10x the amount, gut imbalance and and may occur.

  • Get Great Probiotics!

Don’t buy the no name weird brand or something you haven’t been recommended. Ask questions, get advice, read this blog and others and know what you’re getting. Higher quality does not always mean higher price, but the reputation of the producer is crucial.

Do research first, read reviews, ask questions and get the best. You’re dealing with your gut and going cheap may not be the best way. Invest in your health to have it pay returns throughout your life.

  • Consult Your Doctor – And I prefer a Naturopath for you

Get the advice you need based on your personal body and medical situation. Increasing your intake of yogurt, kefír and probiotic supplements on your own carries some risk.

What you should do is make sure you listen to your body. Then you work with your Naturopath and the in depth blood work they can order. Get together that data and your reports about your health. Be open with your health care practitioner.

Then move forward on the best course of action based on all the information gathered. And STICK WITH IT! Use the probiotics and other medicines. Side effects of the probiotics and all.

Probiotics Side Effects And Use In Healthy People

healthy people and dealing with probiotics side effects

Taking into account the probiotics side effects and how it can affect people differently. Should healthy people use probiotics? As a preventative measure or a method to keep things at the highest levels of health?

It is a billion dollar industry with many different benefits. Maybe they know something we don’t. But the proof is not exactly there on needing to introduce probiotics if there is no medical reason to do so. Surely it will help with digestion. And I’m a firm believer that you me and everyone else could use better digestive processes.

If you’re healthy as an ox and want to push things to the “next level” contact your health provider or Naturopath, and inquire about probiotics. What form to take them in, best uses and practices, and what is best for your PERSONAL MEDICAL SITUATION.

Remember that we’re all individuals and what works for one may work very differently or not at all for another person. Listen to your body and use with caution.

  • Look for any probiotics side effects
  • Talk with your Doctor at the start and if anything positive or negative presents itself
  • Listen to your body
  • Start low and increase as you go!

Great Tips For Choosing Your Probiotics

choose-the-right-direction-against probiotics side effects

Expiration Dates

This bugs expire. And once they do, they’re no good to you. Be aware of expiration dates and methods of transport. Some have to be kept cold or they become ineffective quick. Make sure you’re storing them in the right ways to prolong their potency. And be sure to focus on getting probiotics that will last a long time for you so you get all the benefits possible.

How will you get them in your body?

Here’s a great question to answer, which way do you want to get your probiotics? Do you want to eat them in foods laden with the good bugs? Or do you like the idea of taking a capsule or mixing in a powder to some juice or a smoothie? You decide and then use your Naturopath’s advice to get the best for whatever your situation. Just make sure you take them!

Beware of the internet and do your research

Probiotics are not regulated by the FDA, they are supplements. The quality is at the will of the manufacturer. Find the best companies possible like the list below for getting great supplements of all kinds. Consult your doctor to find the purest brands with the best track record.

Also and again, listen to your body. One strain of probiotics might help you much more than the next person. Or it could give you severe gas and bloating. Allowing things time to work is crucial, but if you’re suffering then switch it up quickly.

Try a different brand or strain (depending on what you know about your body and what your doctor said) to see how the change will increase the positive and minimize or eliminate any negative probiotics side effects.

Probiotics Brands To Use For Great Quality And Purity

Pure Encapsulations Probiotics – Douglas Labs

pure-encapulsations-50b lower dose to avoid probiotics side effects

Recommended to me by my Naturopath and sold on his website this is a high quality supplement. GMO Free, FDA Inspected facility, Vegetarian capsules, Hypoallergenic, independent testing for potency and the list goes on.

Ther-Biotic Probiotics – Klaire Labs

probiotics-ther-biotic-klaire-labs-100b probiotics side effects no more

Incredibly pure, 47 years and going strong and hallmark for quality. Here’s what I took and this is the about us page on the website.

Is Your Life Worth The Price?

pay the price and avoid probiotics side effects

The key is buying from the best sources. Just getting some probiotics might help. Sure. Getting yourself high quality supplements is a big difference. No additives or bunches of fillers and leavening agents or whatever companies use.

Do business with a brand and company that has people us, the consumer, as the central focus of their business. Sure it will cost a bit more most times. Is your life, your gut and your health worth a few extra bucks you are going spend anyways?

The answer is YES!!!

Be awesome and make sure to use this information with the guidance of a certified health professional and under their care!

Be well and have fun!




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