IBD Treatment for UC, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease

IBD Treatment That Anyone and Everyone Can Win With

Hello and welcome to Flaming Gut. This post is my opinion on the matter of selecting an IBD Treatment you are comfortable with. This is an opinion article, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet. I’m here to help you, the sufferer. Or your spouse, family member, friend, coworker, boss or whomever has this unfortunate disease. 

Selecting an IBD treatment is the obvious and immediate next step after diagnosis. Whether you have ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, proctitis, leaky gut, etc., it is time to act. And you have a choice about the path you take.

So what do you do now that you’re diagnosed?

Once you know what the trouble is, follow doctor’s orders. In my opinion, and take it with a grain of salt, the doctor should be a Naturopath.

Yes, I’m going to make the argument against regular western medicine and pharmaceuticals. So if you don’t believe in that, click the back button. Or read to the end and see if I convince you.

I know this: I’m standing my ground on what worked for me. And I want you or your loved one to heal from this disease. However that looks, from my heart, I want you/them to heal.

The Uniqueness of IBD and it’s Treatment

IBD is different for everyone. So for some, they have to have surgeries. It is more severe and a quicker onset. Others need prednisone, mesalamine, other steroids, Asacol, enemas, suppositories etc.

Me, I took Stinging Nettles instead of prednisone as a TNF regulator. Along with Alpha-Glycosyl Isoquercitrin, Andrographis, Turmeric, Vitamin D3, DHEA, Berberine and Uva-Ursi to heal. This was all non-pharmaceutical interventions and not from a traditional western medical practice.

The uniqueness is in that all the herbs were selected based on indicators of inflammation in my blood. Indicators in my stool, saliva and urine. Based on tests for specific high or low levels of compounds in the blood, stool, saliva and urine.

Important to note that this is a disease that affects people in different ways to differing degrees. That means different things are out of whack in people’s bodies. Just like some people get heartburn if they eat tomato sauce and others have no reaction. Everyone gets inflamed in different ways.

It is the Naturopath’s goal to find out how you are being inflamed by researching your blood and then addressing that cause of the inflammation. Addressing it directly with specific natural remedies.

Going The Naturopathic Route

Going to a Naturopath for IBD Treatment will involve in depth bodily fluid testing. The tests are done as research into what the body is doing. Unfortunately each test is a snapshot in time and this approach requires several rounds of test.

My tests covered stimulated cytokines conducted by Pharmasan Labs, stool analysis by Genova Diagnostics, adrenal gland testing via saliva and urine, and food sensitivity testing with the ImmunoLabs Bloodprint 154 Test. These tests illuminated my specific case and what was going on in my blood.

The goal: find the root cause of the inflammation leading to your bowel disease. To treat the symptoms or guess what treatment will work and perform trial and error is a waste of time.

My Experience Before and After

My experience prior to naturopathy was one I hope you don’t share with me for too long. I got a bunch of different pills prescribed by my doctor. These were “meant to bring about a medicated state of normalcy.” Medicated state of normalcy literally made me cry and I thought I was doomed. Doomed to defecate blood and mucus for the rest of my life.

I came to this conclusion and owned it after about 3 months of 200+ pills every 30 days. I just kept going, trying to live a normal life, which was impossible.

I had and still have Left Sided Bowel Disease also diagnosed as Acute Ulcerative Colitis for 18cm up the colon that spread to 31cm. This makes me someone who chose out of a life of pharmaceutically medicated state of normalcy. I opted for herbalism and naturopathy.

The Choice You Make in Treating IBD

For me and many people who choose natural holistic healing over pharmaceuticals, treatment for IBD is more than trying out different prescription medications from big drug companies.

I ate pharmaceuticals for 4+ years and had the whole gamut of symptoms and side effects. Only Asacol helped me for a while but never put me into remission. I’m speaking from my heart in saying, there is this different way.

And make sure you know that true IBD Treatment is more than just changing some of your diet. It’s more than taking supplements and herbs. And it is much more than guessing what will “cure” you. And it is definitely not the haphazard removal of certain foods like gluten or spices in the hope of recovery.

Disclaimer: Do not do all that stuff without supervision and proper prescription. It’s a waste of time and you could end up malnourishing yourself in the process… or worse.

There is no cure to IBD. There is a way to manage remission. This is through lifestyle change and in depth research into the root cause of the inflammatory response your body is displaying.

What is happening inside of the body system as a whole must be figured out. Reserach your own blood via the multitude of tests I described. Make sure they are performed on any patient by a licensed and reputable doctor. These are the linchpins that lead me through a healing process and I believe they can help you as well.

In Conclusion

IBD Treatments vary from person to person.

I would recommend as someone who has suffered with this disease for many years:

  • Diet has an effect
  • Go Naturopath, not MD – try it at least
  • Stick to it and commit to your new life

Most likely, you’re going to the MD already. Find a Naturopath and go to them as well! When you get the results of your tests, go ahead and listen to the doctor. Then do what they say.

It could be contradictory to what you’ve been doing. It could save your life. The question is, are you healed from your current treatment?

If yes, then continue with that and what you were doing. If no, implement the naturopathic remedies and see how much it helps, if at all.

Get healthy, achieve a state of normalcy beyond pharmaceutical induced remission, and live your life again!

Don’t let the disease get the better of you. You can and will win!

So. We can agree or disagree on what’s best for you in particular. And that’s not what Flaming Gut is about. Flaming Gut is about helping people to overcome UC, Crohn’s, IBD of all sorts. Deal with the inflammation that is in their bodies and hopefully heal.

I am not a doctor nor do I play one on the internet. I’m a concerned citizen hoping to help people heal a debilitating disease.


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