External Hemorrhoid, Internal and Thrombosed

An External Hemorrhoid is quite dissatisfying. That could be this entire article. But you’re here to know more, and figure out how to get rid of external hemorrhoids.

Many have a habit of misspelling hemorrhoids as hemroid or hemmroid, hemorhoids, among others.

Hemorrhoids or hemroids of any kind are a literal nightmare. The issue is not just how they come about, in many people’s case it is from straining. Straining during use of the toilet. The permanence of these skin tabs after formation are nothing short of a nuisance.

“By age 50, about half the population has experienced one or more of the classic symptoms, which include rectal pain, itching, bleeding, and possibly prolapse (hemorrhoids that protrude through the anal canal)” – Harvard Health Publications from Harvard Med

Surgery in the form of hemorrhoidectomy is one of the answers of choice among the medical community. Or rubber band ligation (sounds fancy I know). Let’s look at the types first and then some less medical interventions.

The Difference Between External And Internal Hemorrhoids

An External hemorrhoid differs from an internal hemorrhoid not only due to the obvious location difference.

Internal hemorrhoids, while producing blood and sometimes stool obstruction, are usually painless. They also are unseen for the most part. Unless thrombosed, meaning filled with blood and possibly protruding from the anus. Yes, that is gross. Yes hemorrhoids are a fact of life that half the people over 50 have experienced to some degree.

External hemorrhoid… definitely different. And more gross in my opinion because you can see them. They are painful and they stick off the edge of the sphincter. They can have sore spots on them and produce blood, scab over and just hang from the anus.

External Hemorrhoid Pain vs Internal Hemorrhoids

When I say painful, I mean serious pain at times. Especially when “flaming” or inflamed. This just means everything in that area is tender, sore and causing havoc. Sitting can be an issue. Standing, an issue even.

Never mind relaxing. Even laying flat on your back can be problematic depending on severity and quantity. Forget about the itching, and DO NOT ITCH THEM! This will make them worse.

Internal hemroids (misspelled for effect) are the invisible yet still problematic kind. And they can be troublesome and bleed, but the pain, that is common only in the external.

External Hemorrhoid Causes

Some say an external hemorrhoid is the price we pay for being upright creatures. Because of the veins needing to fight gravity and pump blood back to the heart. The cause is a distended blood vessel formed externally or internally.

Common culprits of hemorrhoids:

  • Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Other irritable bowel diseases or IBS/IBD
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Old Age
  • Obesity
  • Standing or sitting for a long time, on the toilet even
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Vomiting
  • Holding your breath when you do something that’s physically hard

Any hemorrhoid is also known by it’s old school name of piles. Menacing ring to it if you ask me and rightly so.

Now let’s discuss the huge problem roids that people get. And sometimes yes, you have to go to the hospital for them.

What Is A Thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

This is where the serious pain comes into play. Where a hemorrhoid gets a blood clot, called a thrombosis. In this case the hemorrhoid can turn blue or purple and bleed.

DISCLAIMER: Any bleeding from the anal region needs immediate attention. External Hemorrhoid, internal hemorrhoid or whatever. Discover what it is and address medical professionals. Always tell your doctor. And see a Naturopath!

The thrombosed hemorrhoid situation usually subsides within 1-3 weeks. If it is unbearable, an MD can perform several procedures to address the problem blood vessel.

Interventions for External, Internal and Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

There are several different actions to address an external hemorrhoid and hemorrhoids of any kind. An external hemorrhoid needing the most addressing, so let’s start there.

First things first, let’s talk about what doesn’t work in my opinion. People say you can:

  • Buying creams over the counter including Preparation H and the like.
  • Junk medicines with huge marketing budgets

Epsom Salt Bath for Hemorrhoids

Soaking an external hemorrhoid provides almost immediate relief. Just sit in your kitchen or bathroom sink, without any dishes in there, of course. Fill it half way with warm water and add up to a cup of epsom salt. Mix it around, hop up, and put your butt in there. Let the water get in there and soak for 5-15 minutes. Longer the better.

Watch out because your legs will get numb and it might be hard to get down from that position. Pro Tip: Be sure to recruit someone to assist with the dismount.

*If you can’t get in the sink, you can use the tub but you will need more salt for that one. Buy in bulk depending on the severity of the rrhoids.

Pilex Herbal Supplement For Hemorrhoids Of All Sorts

Pilex is an herb. And an amazing one. It is Indian in make up, whatever that means. It’s just a capsule filled with powdered herbs that you take 1 or 2 pills of a day for 7-14 days.


(That is an affiliate link for Amazon which means if you buy it, I would get paid for you doing so. There are many different versions, but this one is the one I used and it worked… Capsule form, not tablet form. To each, his own.)

I had problems for months. Literally could not sit down straight and the first doctor I went to, an MD, not an ND, kind of suggested Pilex. Out of the side of his mouth. He couldn’t even remember the name and had to ask the nurse. She was Amazing and the sweetest person.

She felt so bad for me. Here I was 29 years old and looking like a dying man in the gastroenterologist’s office. and complaining of not being able to sit down straight. I had to lay down to work. Or stand and that didn’t really help because I was getting so anemic.

PILEX! For many this is the only thing that puts the external hemorrhoids under control. It’s just an amazing hemorrhoid treatment in a simple pill form.

This definitely depends on the person as well as the severity of the hemorrhoids. At times this product does not work. I know I was in enough pain to try anything, and I did.

This Worked!

What Can You Do Besides Pilex To Treat Hemorrhoids?

Other common treatments for hemorrhoids include:

  • Eat Fiber – great idea, helps with bowel movements and their ease of passage as well as flow of waste through the body. Use Psyllium Husk, this is easy and works great. Be care not to poop your pants 🙂
  • Drink lots of water – everyone is dehydrated to some degree so make sure to drink so your are feeling well watered
  • Exercise – this can help a lot with blood flow and stress reduction while making bowel movements easier, I suggest something rigorous!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar applied directly to them – this may sting. Be careful and be ready to wipe it off it need be!
  • Witch Hazel – can reduce the swelling and cause the external hemorrhoids to shrink up. Can take away the burning and itching as well. Tucks Wipes work well by some people’s advice.
  • Cold Compress – because yes it hurts that bad many times with severe hemorrhoids and as a treatment it goes a long way
  • Tea Tree Oil (diluted) and other Essential Oils including Lavender and Rosemary, Aloe Vera (strip it and freeze it), Olive Oil, Lemon Juice. All applied to the site directly
  • Never hold a poop – this is a given, it’s really bad for you 🙂
  • Wear comfy clothing so that you don’t irritate your bum. Ladies this might be more difficult, you do you.
  • Diet in general – no nasty foods. Incorporate the oils above and other anti-inflammatories whenever possible

All great alternatives to the herbal remedy. All things that when implemented will create some results. And all are dependent upon the person.

With any ailment of the body, there is usually more than one remedy. Key element is to go for the cure. I did that with Ulcerative Colitis, and with hemorrhoids.

For you, use these remedies and go for a cure. Fix what is wrong and address the caues rather the just a symptom. You’ll thank yourself later.

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